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Relais du Silence
Hotel and Restaurant at the Bay of Somme
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Le Cise Hôtel Restaurant Baie de Somme
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The forest of Cise and the pebble beach at the foot of the chalk rock

On discovery through the last existing forest between two cliffs on the Channel.
From the forest of Cise you also have a magnificent view of the chalk cliffs.

A paradise on earth for nature lovers

At the crossroads of Normandy and Picardie (Hauts de France), lies hotel-restaurant Le Cise with its beautiful view on the estuary of the Somme Bay

For your seminar, holiday or romantic getaway, you are at the right place!
The forest of Cise is a protected area, a small wooded valley between two cliffs, where you havedirect access to the beach/sea.

The only natural oak and beech forest on the coast of the Channel. The Forest of Cise is enrolled in the register of Picturesque Places in France.
Through the forest you will discover the variety of trees. Amidst the beeches, chestnut trees, birch and oaks you can observe and hear the different birds.

Such as finches, robins, starlings, gold finches and nightingales and also owls.
At the Chapel St. Edith you will find a panel with pictures of the birds that live here.
Through the many paths, stairs and avenues you will discover the forest of Cise.
You will walk past the villas from the Belle Epoque and enjoy beautiful views from the hotel.

With ingenuity and audacity, the architects fulfilled the task of making every home unique and meeting the expectations of the owner.
In the spring you will see the daffodils and wild hyacinths under the trees being caressed by the first sunlight.

Vantage point on the chalk rock of Ault-Bois de Cise

From our hotel you have quick and easy access to a breathtaking vantage point.
The surrounding area is rich in natural and cultural heritage.
The hotel's location makes it an excellent starting point to discover the Somme Bay, classified as a UNESCO heritage site. As well as to visit the towns like
Ault, with the nature reserve Hâble D'Ault, Cayeux sur Mer, Mers les Bains, Dieppe, Le Tréport, Le Crotoyen St. Valéry sur Somme.

The story of the Forest of Cise

There are many anecdotes about the beach and the Forest of Cise
* From Alan Sutton, Mémoire d'Antan, La plage du Bois de Cise from 1896:
from Ault to Mers les Bains, you come halfway through the forest of Cise, in a beautiful, shady and sheltered valley, where it is issue to create a new beach.
Jean-Baptiste Theulot, the wine merchant from Burgundy who buys the first lots in 1898 in the Forest of Cise, which, at that time, was only a place used for picnics.He started with the gigantic job to make the beach accessible and dug a slope on this cliff of more than 50 meters high.
Today a landscaped path facilitates access to the beach. This beach had its ‘golden days’ during the Belle Epoque. A large wooden gate marks the entrance of the forest.

The opening of new railway lines

The Amiens-Abbeville-Eu and Paris-Beauvais trains ensured that Ault-Bois de Cise was about at only three hours away.
The Forest of Cise becomes a resort for a privileged clientele who likes to sit in the shade of chestnut trees, birch, hazel or pine trees.
The pension ‘The Ferns’ and the ‘Café The Beginning’, then welcomes Hotel Bellevue, which later will become Hotel Pension ‘The Old Oak’’in 1905. The Café restaurant Gambut became a Casino where gambling, billiards, roulette, small horses and excursions were organized to entertain the holiday guests in the years 1910/1920.

On July 14th and August 15th there is the party on the square, a fairground installs, clowns act on and the youngsters take their chance at a game and hope for a prize. Since 1975 there is also fireworks.

In the same time, the villas built under different architecture, are a little bit lost in the forest.
Each villa has its story and name, which they still wear today, and often better known than the number of the house
The urbanization project of Jean-Baptiste Theulot stops as the First World War begins.

These anecdotes come from the book :
D'Alan Sutton "Mémoire D'Antan, la plage du Bois de Cise, edition Alain Minard, also for sale in
the reception of the hotel (only in the French language available)
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le Cise Relais du Silence

Hotel and Restaurant at the Bay of Somme

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