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Villas & Hotel in the Bay of Somme
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Home > What to do and visit Baie de Somme

Bay of the Somme

Explore the region and enrich yourself !
Take advantage of staying at Hotel Le Cise and discover the treasures of the Somme and its heritage.

Boat trips near the hotel in Baie de Somme

Cheminde de fer en Baie de Somme

Visit Bay of Somme in an old locomotive

La réserve naturelle du hâble d'Ault

Hâble D’Ault, the nature reserve

Crotoy | © Jean Pol Grandmont - CC BY-SA 3.0

Le Crotoy

Port Le Hourdel | © Le Cise

Le Hourdel

Le Tréport | Hôtel Spa Le Cise en Baie de Somme

Le Tréport and Eu

Mers-les-Bains | © Hôtel Spa Le Cise

Mers les Bains

Cayeux-sur-Mer | © Hôtel Spa Le Cise

Nature walks in the Bay of the Somme

Le parc de Marquenterre

Park Marquenterre


Saint Valéry sur Somme

Visiter la Baie de Somme à vélo | Hôtel Spa Le Cise

The Bay of Somme by bicycle

Les galets bleus Picards

The Blue boulders of Picardie

Le Crotoy | © Michael Clarke Stuff

The large tides

Trésor Ornithologique

The Somme Bay, a true bird’s paradise

Ault and its treasures

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